Feeling a little under the weather? Put an onion in your sock!

Put an onion in your sock and see what happens.

Most of the time, we think of onions when we’re crying or making a nice meal, which makes sense since we use onions in both.

what we eat. But did you know that onions can be used for more than just cooking? In fact, an onion can be very helpful for a wide range of common health problems.

Who knew that an onion could be so good for you?


Medical science has found that your foot has more than 7,000 nerves that connect to your whole body. Because of this, putting an onion in your sock can help more than just your feet. Once the onion is in your sock, it will clean your whole body. It will pull the bacteria and germs out of your body, and because the skin on your feet is so thin, the good bacteria and chemicals will get into your blood faster. In this way, the onion cleans your blood as well. And all of this while you sleep! On the next page, you can read more about how onions can help heal.


Putting an onion in your sock before bed can help you get over a cold much faster, so they say. Onions are very good for your health and will help you feel better. Onions are known to get rid of smells and make the air better. If you put an onion in your sock before you go to sleep, the onion will absorb bacteria and clean your blood. It’s important to use organic onions that haven’t been treated with chemicals.


For this trick, you need natural onions that haven’t been sprayed. If you don’t, the chemicals that are bad for you will get into your blood, which is the last thing you want. Dr. Lauren Feder, a homoeopathic doctor in Los Angeles, USA, agrees that onions can be used to treat health problems. People say that this trick can help with things like colds, bladder infections, earaches, and toothaches. In China, especially, people have been using onions as medicine for a long time. It’s worth giving a shot! So, cut an onion in half and put each half in your sock with your heel. But you might want to scrub your feet a little harder in the morning…