12 Best Fat Burning Foods

These 12 foods will start to make your waist smaller as soon as you put them in your mouth. Add these to your list of things to buy on your next trip.


Foods high in vitamin C are great for burning fat because they help the body use fat in the right way. If you eat half a grapefruit for breakfast or about 30 minutes before a meal, you’ll feel fuller and less likely to eat too much.

2.Black Pepper

Piperine, which is the most important part of black pepper, seems to stop your body from making fat cells. Your metabolism is also sped up by black pepper. This is great news for people who are sick of bland food and want an easy way to lose weight.


Cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar, which can help stop monster hunger pangs. Cinnamon is easy to get into your system by adding it to teas, coffee, and plain yoghurt.

Note: If you want to buy cinnamon, try to get Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon has a lot of Coumarin, which is known to be bad for the liver.


Eggs are great because they are low in calories and have a lot of good nutrients, like 7 grammes of protein. Studies have shown that if you eat eggs for breakfast, you will be less likely to eat a lot of calories later in the day. Even though the yolk is high in cholesterol, it does have some health benefits. It is best to eat it in moderation.

5.Apples (and of course fruits in general)

When it comes to losing weight, fruits are your best friend. They have many health benefits and still taste good. Fruit is great because it can satisfy your sweet tooth and doesn’t hurt your body like processed sugars do. People get fat because they eat too much sugar. When eaten with the skin, apples have a lot of fibre and water, which makes you feel full.

6.Green Tea

It can’t be said enough how important green tea is for getting rid of body fat. The catechins in green tea are known to speed up metabolisms. It’s better to drink green tea hot because it will make the experience last longer and give you more benefits. Putting honey and lemon in your green tea will not only make it healthier, but it will also make it taste great.


If you’ve been eating blueberries in muffins and pancakes, you haven’t been eating them right. Not only do blueberries have a lot of insoluble fibre, antioxidants, and good taste, but a half cup of them only has 40 calories. Try blueberries on salads or in smoothies for something different.


Even though all nuts can help you lose weight, almonds are the best for your wallet. They are full of protein, fibre, and fats that are good for your heart. About 23 almonds, which is one serving, will help you feel full.
Almonds are great because they can be taken anywhere. One serving is easy to take with you, so adding them to your daily routine should be simple.


If you eat some hot peppers, you’ll look hot, too. They have an ingredient called capsaicin, which is known to make you feel full. Some common choices are cayenne peppers, habaneros, and jalapenos.


Yes, the most popular drink in the world is also on the list. Studies have shown that coffee (mostly the caffeine in it) speeds up the metabolism. But this is only true if you don’t add fattening things like sugar and cream. Also, please remember that too much caffeine can be very bad for your body, so don’t drink more than one to three cups a day.


One of the most common misconceptions about carbs is that they make you fat. The type of carbs you eat is what makes you gain weight, not the carbs themselves. Quinoa has a lot of protein and fibre, which will make you feel full. It has a low glycemic index, which is different from other grains. This means that it doesn’t raise your blood sugar, which stops you from wanting sugar and carbs.


You’re wrong if you thought you could lose weight without eating vegetables. Vegetables are full of great nutrients and fibre that will help you feel full. Every day, you should try to eat at least 2 to 3 cups of vegetables. If you don’t like eating vegetables, try blending them into a smoothie (remember to say “blend,” not “juice”).

Honorable Mentions

Lean meats

Greek Yogurt


Sweet Potatoes




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