What Do Your Fingers Say About Your Personality?

If you like Zodiac signs, horoscopes, and reading palms, you might also like this. Your fingers can tell a lot about who you are, and this is actually based on science. Researchers think that your digit ratio is based on whether you were exposed to more testosterone or estrogen in the womb. So, there are three basic ways to look at digit ratio, and here’s what they say about you:

The ring finger is longer than the index finger.

Scientists have seen that giving animals testosterone at a young age can change how they act, so the same reasoning can be used for people. If your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, that means you were exposed to more testosterone when you were in the womb. If this is true for you, it means that you’re probably good at endurance sports, puzzles, math, and having a good sense of space.

In tests, some women were given drops with testosterone and others were given drops with nothing in them. People who took the testosterone drops did better on spatial tests and simple math problems.

On the other hand, if you were exposed to more testosterone while you were in the womb, you might be less likely to be faithful as an adult. Researchers have found that adults with shorter index fingers are more likely to be sexually active. Women who took part in the study were also asked about their sexual orientation, and the ones whose index fingers were shorter said they were attracted to other women.

Finger number one is longer than finger number four:

People with longer index fingers than ring fingers tend to be very sure of themselves. They understand what they want and how to get it. In general, they are also very independent and don’t like to ask for help. These are the types of people who like to be in charge of a group. They think very logically and like to figure out all the possible outcomes before making a choice. They also have no trouble taking the first step, whether it’s in a business deal or a relationship.

There are people who will tell their boss straight out that they need a raise, give all the reasons why, and usually get what they want.

The index finger is the same length as the ring finger:

Most likely, these people are repeat monogamists. They would rather have a partner than be single and looking for one. Also, these people tend to get married sooner rather than later. Their memories are also better, and they rarely forget what they wanted to do, what they wanted to buy, or when their grandma’s birthday is.

People like this tend to be very kind. They enjoy taking care of their family and friends, and their friends often think of them as the mom of the group. They are also very peaceful and try to stay out of trouble whenever they can.

Unfortunately, having fingers that are the same length also has a downside. People whose index and ring fingers are the same length are also more likely to get depressed and anxious, according to research.


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