8 Easy Habits For a Healthier Diet

Many people find it hard to eat healthier because food is often a source of comfort for them, and giving up that comfort can be scary. But instead of making big changes to your life, you can make small changes every day that will lead to a healthier diet over time.

1. Eat slow

Even though it’s tempting to shovel food down our throats when we see a delicious meal, it’s not good for our health. The speed at which you eat is very important. It affects how much you eat and how likely you are to gain weight. People who eat fast food are more likely to eat more and have a higher BMI.
Hormones decide things like how hungry you are, how full you feel, and how much you eat. Hormones tell our brain if we’re full or hungry, but it can take up to 20 minutes for our brain to get this message.
So, eating more slowly gives our brains more time to figure out when our stomachs are full. So chew more often and more slowly!

2. Choose whole grains.

White bread and white rice are common comfort foods, but they aren’t very good for your health. Consider eating more whole grains, like whole-wheat bread and brown rice, which are healthier and taste just as good. You can also look for high-protein alternatives like wheat bulgar, lentils, and quinoa. Most refined grains cause inflammation, while whole grains can lower your risk of getting diabetes and heart disease. There are also a lot of minerals, B vitamins, and fiber in whole grains. Extra points are given for bread with whole seeds.

3.Don’t Impulse purchase

Your best friend is your grocery list. You can plan meals better if you make a shopping list. Writing down what you need before you go to the store helps you stay on track and lets you buy healthier items. Once you put these things in your fridge, you have to eat them because they are already in your house. Impulsive shopping can also lead you to the candy, chips, and soft drinks that are in the “danger zones” of the grocery store.

4. Have more Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt tastes rich and creamy because the watery whey is strained out during the making process. It also has twice as much protein as regular yogurt, which is a good thing because protein can help you feel fuller for longer. Because Greek yogurt is strained, it also has less lactose and less carbs. When mixed with berries, bananas, and granola, Greek yogurt can also be a tasty, nutrient-packed alternative to an unhealthy dessert for people who are trying to eat better. Just try to find one that isn’t flavored, because Greek yogurts that aren’t plain can have a lot of added sugar.

5. Drink more water or eat foods that are high in water.

You might have heard this before, but now is the time to do it. We often think we’re hungry when we’re really just thirsty. Keep a bottle of water close by to quench your thirst. Drinking more water can help you lose weight and increase the number of calories your body can burn. It can also make you less hungry.
But the main thing to take away from this is that you should drink water instead of unhealthy drinks to cut down on calories and sugar. You can also eat foods like watermelons, apples, celery, and cucumbers that are high in water.

6. Change the way you cook

You might not be aware of this, but grilling, frying, and broiling all have problems. It’s not just deep-frying; these other ways can also lead to the formation of potentially toxic compounds that can cause heart disease and cancer in the long run. Instead, you could bake, air-fry, poach, slow-cook, or simmer the food. Sous-vide is also a popular way to cook food that is flavorful and doesn’t use a lot of oil.
Fish and meat can taste just as good when they are baked or cooked slowly. The key is to keep them moist and add the right spices to give them a burst of flavor.

7. Eat your vegetables first.

You might laugh at the person you know who eats their vegetables first to get them out of the way, but there may be some good reasons to do this. The best way to eat healthier is to eat your salad or vegetables before the rest of your meal. It gives you a chance to eat when you’re most hungry. This will help you eat less and stop you from eating too much during a carb-heavy meal. In turn, this can be good for the amount of sugar in the blood.

8. Controlling portions and using smaller plates

Not only are small plates stylish and classy, but they are also good for our bodies. How much you eat is actually affected by the size of your dinner plates. Just seeing a smaller portion on a big plate can make your stomach growl. Put the food on smaller plates instead.
It will trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more, which can make you feel fuller. This mental trick is a great way to start controlling how much you eat, and it also takes up less space on your table.

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