She sticks a rose stalk into a potato and look what happens a week later! Amazing!

In no time at all, you can turn one rose into a whole rose bush.

Do you agree that a nice bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table can brighten up a cloudy day? Flowers are pretty expensive, especially when you think about the fact that you’ll have to throw them away after a few days.

But if you follow this tip, you can grow your own beautiful bouquet of roses!

Flowers are loved by everyone.

Flowers are beautiful, and they make your home feel warm and friendly. Also, they smell great! Did you know that flowers can also be good for your health? If you buy an indoor hydrangea, your dry eyes, headaches, and sensitive skin will go away. All thanks to a plant! But buying plants can be expensive, so growing them in your own garden might be a good alternative. It’s not just pretty to look at; it’s also good for your mind. Research shows that gardening can make you feel better about yourself. Isn’t that a good enough reason as any to start gardening? Green thumb

Not everyone, though, has enough of a green thumb to take care of a whole flower garden. We’ve got a great tip for you that will help you grow your own roses before you know it! You don’t need to know anything about gardening, and you’ll never be without a bouquet of flowers again. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Everyone loves a nice bunch of roses, and this tip will help you grow a lot of them in your garden. You only need one rose, a potato, potting soil, a plastic bottle, and a pot.

A rose and a potato? You did read that correctly! This trick will sound very strange, but it really does work. Go quickly to the next page to read the instructions and watch the video! Here’s what to do:

Choose a rose you like, take off all the leaves, and cut the top of the rose diagonally (approximately 3 centimetres from the flower). If the flower is still pretty, you can put it in a small vase and it will look really cute.

Drill a hole in the potato that is the same width as the stalk. Make sure the stalk doesn’t move around in the hole. Cover the bottom of the pot with 5 cm of potting soil and set the potato on top. Put potting soil in the rest of the pot. Cut the bottom off of your plastic bottle and place it carefully over the stalk that is sticking out of the ground. Water the rose (around the bottle) every now and then, and watch as your roses grow like crazy!


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